A staunch believer of Globalization and students. He conducts counseling sessions to guide International Collaborations Walid Mushtaq has his students regarding scholarships and admissions successfully fostered relationships with in IVY Leagues, Oxbridge and the RUSSEL group International I Learn, Global Gateway, British colleges.

His students have gained admissions and Council, Cambridge, International Examinations CIE, scholarships in Yale, Princeton, Harvard, University Ed excel International Examinations, AMI of Cambridge , MIT, Gettysburg College, Stanford International, British school links, Intel, Wetlands University, LSE, McGill University, Kings College and provided global exposure to his students by London, Manchester University , Newcastle sending them to international competitions such as university, University of Glasgow to name a fewHe Mondialago, Obama Rama School Competition, has been instrumental behind the success of the Tianjin International Children Art & Culture Festival, Global Partnership Program. Under the umbrella of German Youth Camp, Sri Lanka visit sponsored by Global School Partnership program by British Goethe institute and Nepal Visit sponsored by a Council, Roots has the honor of having a link with St Welfare Society and International Gateway for Ivy Cambridge School in UK and successful got the gifted youth IGGY Summer U 2009. With his support approval of reciprocal visit grant.

He was students have gone to attend ISFIT Norway, NUS instrumental in gaining approval for an Cluster grant Computing Camp Singapore, Tianjin Festival China, – an elaborate program of GSP in which 10 Roots International Children Festival Xian Jiang, International School are partnered with 10 UK International Children Culture and Games festival school. A UK delegation visited Roots School and Antalya, Turkey. He has entered into MoUs for spent 5 full working days which includes meetings conducting Chinese Language and German with students, interactive session with faculty, Language classes.

He also acts in the capacity of discussions regarding long term project planning student counselor for O levels, A levels and IGCSE and integrated curriculum.